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Technology Information

Computer or Printer Help

Most computer and printer problems require a HelpDesk ticket. If you are not sure, or you need troubleshooting assistance, check with a nearby tech-savvy teacher.

LCD Projectors, etc.

LCD Projector broken, needs bulb, and/or cleaning? Create a Maintenance Ticket online OR Call Maintenance @ 997-7500

Also contact Maintenance for broken Document Camera, Digital Camera, Camcorder, TV, or VCR.

Projector Maintenance Tips:

  • Put the LCD projector on standby when not in use (push the power button once).

  • ALWAYS follow correct shutdown procedures to extend the life of the expensive LCD bulb.

  • Do not unplug or power off the LCD projector until the bulb has cooled

  • When prompted, clean the air filter.

Other Tech Support

LROIX: 997-8653

Lexmark Scanners:

  • Login issue: 997-8653

  • Help: 997-2960

  • Technical Issue: 1-800-LEXMARK

Where do I find help sheets?

Technology Locker
12/16/10 8:45 AM
11/4/10 3:10 PM
1/7/14 11:04 AM

How Do I Make a HelpDesk Ticket?

Printable help sheet.

  1. Go to the LBUSD home page and click MyLBUSD.

  2. Log in with the same username and password that you use to log in to your computer.

  3. Once logged in, click the Applications menu (upper-left corner), and select eHelpDesk

  4. Click Create New Ticket in upper, left corner.

  5. Fill out the info:

    Location: (Hit "W" to jump to Washington)
    Group: (Usually "Computer/Printer Problem")
    Assignment: (Select "Ticket Pool")Asset: (6-digit inventory number)
    Subject: (this will be the ticket title, ex: "Computer Won't Boot Up")
    Note: (Describe the problem in detail. Include the make, model, and inventory #.

  6. Click Save Changes. The ticket # will appear in the upper, left corner.

Where do I save my files?

Save your files on your hard drive the Documents folder in your home folder (the icon looks like a house) on the iBook or iMac, My Documents on a PC.

Back up your files in your School Loop Locker and you will be able to access them on any computer!

Do not to save your files in your server folder ( Our server was purchased in 2003 and is only 60 GB. People have iPods bigger than that!