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Recycling Programs

Classroom Bins

If your bin needs to be emptied, please send a student to the purple bins. The city picks up the recycling on Friday mornings. The purple bins are full by the end of the week, so...

  • Please do not overfill the bins.
  • Please break down boxes.

The bins CAN be used for bottles and cans, with a few guidelines...

  • They must be emptied every day to avoid pests.
  • Monitor the bin to make sure that it only contains recyclables. Make sure your students understand the purpose of the bin.
  • Keep the bin clean and dry. Rinse bottles and cans whenever possible.

Hallway & Office Bins

  • Please use hallway and office bins for PAPER ONLY.

  • PLEASE break down boxes.

  • If you notice that a bin in the hall or office is full, please feel free to have a student empty it, or empty it yourself.


Paper is recycled through the city's free recycling program-- one of the best in the nation! Place paper in blue or purple bins.


The district picks up our school e-waste (a.k.a. "universal waste"), which includes the following:

  • fluorescent light bulbs
  • used LCD bulbs
  • broken electronics
  • used alkaline batteries
If you have e-waste in your classroom, please email Gloria  and she will have it removed.

Please do not bring in e-waste from home. Please see the city's Environmental Services Bureau's website for ways to dispose of your e-waste from home.

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Did you know that Long Beach diverts 69 percent of the City’s trash from disposal through recycling, reuse and waste reduction programs?

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Don't Do This!

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