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Technology Information

Computer or Printer Help

Most computer and printer problems require a HelpDesk ticket. If you are not sure, or you need troubleshooting assistance, check with a nearby tech-savvy teacher.

LCD Projectors, etc.

LCD Projector broken, needs bulb, and/or cleaning? Create a MAINTENANCE TICKET online OR Call Maintenance @ 997-7500

Also contact Maintenance for broken Document Camera, Digital Camera, Camcorder, TV, or VCR.

Projector Maintenance Tips:

  • Put the LCD projector on standby when not in use (push the power button once).

  • ALWAYS follow correct shutdown procedures to extend the life of the expensive LCD bulb.

  • Do not unplug or power off the LCD projector until the bulb has cooled

  • When prompted, clean the air filter.

Other Tech Support

LROIX: 997-8653


  • Login issue: 997-8653
  • Help: 997-2960
  • Technical Issue: 1-800-LEXMARK

Where do I find help sheets?

Technology Locker
12/16/10 8:45 AM
11/4/10 3:10 PM
1/7/14 11:04 AM

How Do I Make a HelpDesk Ticket?

Click here for a printable help sheet.

  1. Go to the LBUSD home page and click MyLBUSD (
  2. Log in with the same username and password that you use to log in to your computer.
  3. Once logged in, click the Applications menu (upper-left corner), and select eHelpDesk
  4. Click Create New Ticket in upper, left corner.
  5. Fill out the info:

    Location: (Hit "W" to jump to Washington)
    Group: (Usually "Computer/Printer Problem")
    Assignment: (Select "Ticket Pool")Asset: (6-digit inventory number)
    Subject: (this will be the ticket title, ex: "Computer Won't Boot Up")
    Note: (Describe the problem in detail. Include the make, model, and inventory #.

  6. Click Save Changes. The ticket # will appear in the upper, left corner.

Where do I save my files?

Save your files on your hard drive the Documents folder in your home folder (the icon looks like a house) on the iBook or iMac, My Documents on a PC.

Back up your files in your School Loop Locker and you will be able to access them on any computer!

Do NOT to save your files in your server folder ( Our server was purchased in 2003 and is only 60 GB. People have iPods bigger than that!