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PE Expectations

Dress Code and Uniform

Washington PE T-shirt ($10), Washington shorts ($10) is required. White athletic socks, and athletic shoes are also required. The school shorts and shirts are available through the student store. No logos, pockets, sweaters, or large jackets. Plain red or blue sweatshirts may be worn when advised by the instructor.

  • No sweat pants at any time!

  • Names must be written on all clothing.

  • No pockets allowed 

  • Each student is expected to dress up daily. A complete change of clothing is required. 

  • School clothes are not to be worn underneath the PE uniform and will result in a full non-suit (NS).

  • A partial uniform, or inappropriate shoes, will result in a non-suit as well.

  • No electronics, gum, candy, food, or soda in the locker rooms or in class.

  • No aerosol sprays and glass containers in locker rooms.


E  =  Excellent behavior, active participation, no missing work, dressed everyday

=  Satisfactory behavior and participation, missing work, non-suit, gum, candy, jewelry, soda

=  Needs improvement in all areas of behavior, Multiple non-suits, gum, candy, soda, etc.

=  Unsatisfactory behavior, participation, and/or poor work habits, and multiple rules violations.

Locks and Lockers

The school provides each student with a combination lock and a locker. If the lock is lost or damaged, the student is required to pay the school for the cost of replacing the lock ($5.00). All locks must be turned in at the end of the school year. Each student is responsible for locking up all of his/her own belongings.


D--Dress-- appropriate school/PE uniform

E--Electronics--put away and off

A--Attendance--on time and at school every day

L--Language--should be appropriate and academic

S--Staff-- interaction cilvil and respectful


1st offense = Verbal warning

2nd offense = 5 min time out

3rd offense = phone call home and/or detention

4th offense = referral, detention, and parent conference