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Behavior Standards

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Classroom Standards

Be on time. Enter quietly, take care of business (contracts to teacher, pencil sharpened, etc…) Be in seat and begin warm up before bell rings, write down agenda and homework in planner.

Be prepared. Bring a backpack, that will fit your PE clothes, tennis shoes, socks, and your homework, planner, pencils, pens, paper, a three-ring binder, dividers, covered pencil sharpener, and a chapter book.

Be responsible. Always do your personal best. Remember right from wrong. Take responsibility for your conduct and accept consequences for your actions.

Be cooperative. Follow all classroom procedures. Follow instructions the first time with no argument. Raise your hand and wait until you are called upon to speak. Choose words wisely.

Be respectful. Treat peers, teachers, and other staff members with respect. Be respectful of property and hallway displays. Address all staff formally (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)

Hallway Standards

Keep hands/feet to yourself: no horseplay.

Use an inside voice in the hallway and appropriate language at all times.

Walk using traffic rules (stay to the right).

Place trash in trash cans.

Keep moving.

Auditorium Standards

Enter quietly.

Place backpack on the floor.

Listen attentively.

Applaud when appropriate.

Exit by row with teacher permission.

No food or drinks allowed.

Keep food, drinks, and cell phones in backpacks. 

Students may eat outside of buildings. Water is the only beverage allowed in class. No gum is allowed on campus at any time.

Any electronic devices are brought to campus at the individual's own risk.  LBUSD, Washington Middle School, and district employees are not responsible for lost or stolen electronics.  Cell phones should not be seen on campus at any time. Cell phone usage is restricted to before and after school off-campus only. Phones should be off and out of sight during the school day. Any student who has a cell phone out of their backpack during the school day, or whose cell phone rings during the school day, must surrender it to a staff member. Cell phones and other electronic devices will be returned to parents or guardians only.

Put all trash in trash cans

No gum or sunflower seeds on campus

Being Successful 2017-2018