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ASB Procedures

ASB Rules and Regulations

ASB funds:  Allowable purchases from ASB funds are for items used for extracurricular activities* which benefit students. 

*Examples:  incentives, prizes, craft items for projects the students get to keep, awards, field trips, parties etc.  Anything the students get to keep-tangible items.

Purpose of ASB:  Associated Student Bodies are formed to promote the general welfare and morale of the students and are for the sole benefit of the students.

Student Body funds are funds that are raised by the Student Body and are expected to finance Student Body activities, not teachers, admin, or advisors.  *Student Body funds are never to fund instructional material for the classrooms.

Clubs/Trust Accounts:  Every club or trust must have a club charter filled out yearly.  All clubs and trusts’ financial transactions must be carried on the Student Body books.  No one is allowed to fundraise without a club charter.  All monies collected must be deposited with the Student Body Banker.

Fundraisers:  A Fundraiser Form must be completed, submitted and approved by Student Council and the Principal prior to any fundraising.  There can be no fundraising for raffles/guessing games “Games of Chance” where student buys an item or ticket and has a “chance” of winning. All monies collected from any form of fund-raising activity, on school premises must be deposited through the Student Body Bankers office.  The ASB Banker must be aware of, and have control over, all monies being collected on campus.  All expenses must be paid in the form of a check and never directly from the proceeds. 

Expenditures:  All expenditures must have written pre-approval using the Districts Purchase Order form.  Original receipts or invoice must show amount due, date and the vendor. Requests for the expenditure of funds must be submitted, in advance, to the banker (using the District Purchase Order-PO- Form.)  Student Council will then need to approve the Purchase Order before any purchases are made.  Give Student Council 1 week notice for approvals as they meet only once a week.

Reimbursements for items purchased are paid with a check from the Banker.  If expenditures are done without pre-approval they may not be reimbursed.

Booster Clubs/PTO’s:  The funds of any booster club or PTO group must never be co-mingled with Student Body funds or any other District funds.  The PTO or booster clubs name, address, and any other correspondence must not imply any form of responsibility on the part of ASB or the District.  In addition the school District’s tax-exempt status and ID number are not for use by any non-school club or organization.

ASB Flow Chart

Club Charter - filled out yearly and approved by Student Council and Principal.  See Banker for form.

Fundraiser form - filled out per fundraiser and approved by Student Council and Principal. Forms located by mailboxes

Purchase order - filled out to buy items to sell for fundraiser needs approval by Student Council and Principal, please give one week for approval.  See Banker for form.

Reimbursement - for items that are purchased, please give original receipt/invoice to Banker and allow about 3-5 days for reimbursement. Turn in to the Banker or put in the Banker's box.

**Do not make purchases from proceeds, there is no accountability and is a bad business practice.

Expenditures that may not be made from Student Body funds are as follows:

1.  Expenditures which augment or enrich instructional programs.

2.  Paper or other supplies used for educational purposes, this includes      professional books, textbooks, computer software and magazine subscriptions.

3.  Paying for salaries, stipends or other financial compensation to any person or District employee for performing duties which are the responsibilities of the LBUSD.

4.  Custodial supplies and equipment.

5.  Expenditures for faculty meetings like food, gifts or prizes for teachers.

6.  Student body funds cannot be used to purchase gifts, nor can funds be gifted to any student or LBUSD employee or persons.