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GATE, Excel, High Achievers

GATE, EXCEL, High Achievers!

Students in Washington's accelerated program must meet the following requirements:

  •  Advanced Proficient in Language Arts and/or Math on the California STAR test

  • Grade point average of 3.0

Students are publicly honored throughout the year. In addition, students benefit from the following:

  • Advanced Math and Language Arts courses

  • Field trips to cultural events and colleges

Differentiated Curriculum

The accelerated program curriculum is based on the California State Content Standards. The most current GATE teaching strategies are included in daily lessons. The combination of fundamentals with rigorous academic exploration allows students to expand their critical thinking and development independent learning skills.

The accelerated program teachers differentiate lessons by allowing students to work on independent projects or on accelerated time lines. For example, a student who pre-tests on a math quiz at 85%, might choose to work ahead on more advanced problems. English teachers use the same model for spelling words.  “Think like an Architect! Think like a Geneticist! Think like an Archaeologist!”

Accelerated students say...

 “These classes are preparing me for high school and college. I know I am a lot smarter now than when I was in 5th grade.”

“Teachers in this program push students to improve. Students work in groups to create incredible projects.”  

“We have wonderful teachers who are great at teaching. I’ve learned more than I expected.” 

“This program was created for students to learn more. We study hard to achieve our goals.”