Student IDs

ID Fees

  • First ID -- FREE
  • First lanyard -- FREE
  • First Plastic ID sleeve -- FREE
  • Replacement IDs -- $3.00
  • Temporary, One-Day IDs -- First three temporary IDs are free.  Then student must purchase a replacement ID, lanyard and sleeve for $5.
  • Replacement lanyards -- $1.00
  • Replacement plastic sleeves -- $1.00

Student ID Policy

  • Students must wear ID around their neck.
  • ID can be taken off during PE, but must be worn at ALL other times.
  • No trading IDs
  • No altering or defacing IDs
  • No stickers on the front
  • No cutting
  • No writing
  • No stapling
  • Students who forget their ID may receive a temporary ID from their advisory teacher.  The first three are FREE.  Then the student will be required to purchase a replacement ID, lanyard, and sleeve for $5.

Temporary ID Procedures

  • Students who forget to wear their ID will receive a temporary one from their advisory teacher.
  • After three temporary IDs, the student will be required to purchase a new ID, lanyard, and sleeve for $5.
  • Temporary IDs can only be worn for one day.

Replacement ID Procedures

  • Replacement IDs must be ordered and prepaid at the office before school starts--prior to the 8:55 bell.
  • Students are given a receipt.
  • IDs are delivered to students in 1-2 days.

Steps for New Students

  • New students enroll in the Attendance Office where their photo is taken.
  • An ID is made and delivered to the student the same day.
  • New students who need replacements must follow standard replacement procedures.